About Us

Our company was founded by Kem Cook in 1995 as Cherokee Tap, Inc.  As our business, our customer base, and our reputation grew, we quickly became more involved in an expanded scope of services that we performed and managed throughout the site development phase of construction.  Hence, on January 1, 2004, we changed our company name to Cherokee Grading & Utility Contractors, Inc. to better describe the fact that we perform all site preparation work.

Our estimates generally involve jobs ranging from 0.5 acre to 10 acres.  Our staff provides a variety of expertise in site preparation, underground utilities, and general construction management.  We offer decades of experience from our field superintendent, foremen, operators, and laborers, while our owner has been working in this industry since 1979.  Within our on-site work crew, we employ licensed utility foreman as well a licensed utility manager.  Our office staff is always available to work with our customers in keeping all the administrative tasks operating efficiently.